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About the Competition

Livingston & Haven is looking for the most creative and useful product designs that utilize Bosch Rexroth’s Aluminum Extrusion. Students all over Mecklenburg County will compete in teams for the best product design made out of Bosch Rexroth's Aluminum Extrusion. Each school will submit one team in each design category to present to a panel of judges in a Shark Tank like format. Winning teams in each category will receive awards along with a Grand Prize Award for the design that best exemplifies all the judging criteria.

About Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion is a high-quality structural framing material that is as durable as steel, but much easier to assemble, re-configure and re-use.

Aluminum profiles can provide the solution to many design challenges. Aluminum extrusions allow you to design exactly the shape you need and lets the assembly process shape itself to your specific design.

Selection Criteria

Creativity: Be creative and inventive! We are looking for new and resourceful uses for aluminum extrusion.
Practicality: Designs should be cost-effective, easy to fabricate and assemble. Product should be improved by using extruded aluminum over other materials.
Market Impact/Potential: Designers should think about whether the product is marketable. Would the product be a success commercially?

Award Categories

Any type of structure or implement to be used within a factory setting or on a factory floor. Examples: safety gating, ergonomic work station, flow racking.

Free form expression of one’s desires, fears, feelings or character
Examples: sculptures, mobiles, statues, other interpretive art.

Home Furniture
Structures or implements for use within a home setting (outdoor or indoor)
Examples: seating surfaces, storage units, gaming tables.

Any type of assembly that creates a new idea to be used in the electronic, mobile or techy marketplaces Examples: self-adjusting portable mount for a satellite dish, adjustable holder for a fishing rod, specialized carts for sports equipment.

Any structure or implement that combines extruded aluminum with one or more renewable energy sectors including solar, wind, biomass or geothermal.
Examples: solar gazebo, solar charging stations, portable wind generator.

Auto Industry
Structure or implement for use within the end-user environment of the auto industry. Must be useable by mechanics, tuners or other aftermarket professionals. Examples: floor crawlers, custom tool boxes, tire racks.

Judging Criteria

  • Product ideas must be in one of the six accepted categories.
  • Designs must be original and utilize extruded aluminum components.
  • Submissions must include a visual representation of the product this can include hand-sketched artwork in digital format, CAD drawing, 3D rendering.

Presentations Should Include:

  • Product name
  • Product application
  • Thorough description of the product
  • Why is this product a great example of aluminum extrusion? What does using aluminum extrusion for this product accomplish?
  • Market analysis
  • At least one visual illustration of product (can include video)

*Students are encouraged to be creative in their presentations and to utilize as many visuals as possible. Presentations must not exceed 10 minutes.

*Entry into the competition constitutes permission to use the entrant’s design and his, her, or its name, likeness, and affiliation for promotional purposes without further compensation. All entries received shall become the sole and exclusive property of Livingston & Haven. By submitting an entry to the competition you represent and warrant that your design does not infringe any copyright, trademark, property rights, rights of privacy of any person, or any other right of any third party and that you have the full and unrestricted right to transfer the design to Livingston & Haven free and clear of any claims or encumbrances. See full terms and conditions »